Hi there!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for quite some time. Even if nobody was to read my tidbits, I’ve always found writing to be super therapeutic and cathartic. When I was a kid, I was even convinced that someday I’d be a famous writer and that my handwritten semi-novels would get published! A lot has changed since then, different directions were taken and reversed multiple times, but here I am, back at it!

laura pezza artist

I’m hoping that these blog posts will be useful to some readers out there though. I’d love to recount my experience of being an artist in Hong Kong, while having a full-time job and a million things on my plate. I’ll share my honest views and thoughts, base my posts off my own experience, and hopefully people who are on the same boat as me will find some of my content helpful or relatable.

Don’t be an anonymous reader! Leave a comment to let me know if you’re enjoying my blog, have any questions or simply want to connect with me.




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